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Coaster Group takes innovative thinking and challenging ideas to their maximum potential. We provide the support, advice and energy needed to any project to make it comes to life. We use our own systems, processes and methods - which we use ourselves throughout the Group and our companies.


The Group is made up of six businesses, each designed to bring a different approach to their field. We don't consult, we partner. Our strategies are based on achieving immediate goals, as well as creating a platform for growth. The businesses work together and complement each other through the life cycle of a business, product or idea. 


We believe in achieving the most possible. There is no excuse for simply meeting the criteria and checking the boxes. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and the way we see the world are the key to what Coaster does.


We create and run our own projects too - as companies, partnerships or joint ventures. The tools we use and the way we do things is the same for our own projects as if you work with us. They are current, innovative and living methods to take potential to reality.


Coaster Group was formed to change the way challenges are perceived, it's what we live every day. We see a challenge not as a hurdle to overcome, but the opportunity to think about an issue in a way it hasn’t been thought of before.

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come right out of the blue.