Coaster Concepts New Creative Partnership

Coaster Group, through Coaster Concepts, has launched a brand new program aimed at turning great ideas in to great products.

In partnership with Davoodi Resources (website here), Coaster will be delivering outCREATE - a program designed to take an idea from concept to being in the hands of consumers, and back again.

The program involves detailed analysis and strategy from Coaster and Davoodi, drawing on their experience working in, with and on projects from the boutique to massive, as well as with start-up companies and products of their own. With complimentary skill sets and established relationships with specialists in fields like IP protection, legal and compliance; Coaster and Davoodi have designed outCREATE to accellerate any concept.

outCREATE is aimed at product based concepts, with design, prototyping and manufacturing solutions alongside the business and market development aspects delivered by Coaster. However, the principles of product development are the same - by approaching it as a physical product the attention to detail and intimate analysis becomes a major competitive advantage.

While new ideas are often considered to come from new businesses, outCREATE is designed to work with existing businesses. The final stage of the program is product rejuvenation, which identifies ways of extending and renewing a product's lifecycle. For existing products or projects this can be completed first, feeding the new concept and starting the process again.

outCREATE is designed to be an ongoing relationship, opening doors to a wide network of resources and expertise for any business, at any stage. To find out more head to the outCREATE website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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Coaster Branding Updated

Coaster Group has today unveiled a new identity. The new designs and logos are an evolution of the exisitng Coaster brand and are designed to better highlight the areas the Group is working in.

Founder and Principal Andrew Snell said the new designs reflect the direction Coaster Group is headed in.

"We have a really exciting time ahead of us. There are big things happening and in the works, the Group is looking strong. Our Concepts and Production arms are working on some big projects, we have a new strategic partnership focussed on developing innovative products we will be launching in the coming weeks, and Rollercoaster Digital is forging ahead with an exciting development program and fantastic product line-up launched or about to.

"The new designs fit better with the way we work. They give each part of the business it's own identity and tie the brands within the Group together.

"We can't wait to show off more of the projects we have in the pipeline. We're entering a new phase with the Group and we have an image that reflects it; and how excited and proud we are of what lies ahead." 

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Calling creatives

Coaster will soon be launching a new commercial learning platform for performance and creative fields and we're looking for the talented, dedicated and motivated people to help us deliver it.

The platform will be online with "one-to-many" and "one-to-one" features, all delivered over a mobile app (for iPhone/iPad and Android). The aim is to bring skills and experience to those who wouldn't usually have access to them. The broad structure is for the "tutor" to deliver a lesson to anyone subscribed, the students can then reply with video directly to the tutor and one-to-one advice can be given.

Coaster's role will be to facilitate the marketplace - providing potential students and tutors a place to find each other. We will also facilitate payments and the technical side, so all the tutor needs to do is prepare their content.

We're looking for tutors to run courses in music, performance, writing, directing and just about any creative field you may operate in. If you're interested in learning more please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the following information:

  • Your area(s) of specialty
  • What you would like to teach
  • Group size you would be looking to work with
  • An outline of your course (duration, frequency of lessons and how often you would be interested in offering the course, how many lessons per course and a brief overview of the types of lessons taught)
  • Any prior teaching experience
  • The cost per student you would propose


There are no parameters you need to fit - we are looking to facilitate what would work for you as tutors and what students are looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.

Media Release - 11 September 2014

 Media Release

11 September 2014 - For immediate release

Canberra Bureaucracy's Innovation Disconnect

Canberra’s economy is being transformed. The ACT Government has indicated it wants us to be the digital Capital and we have a burgeoning innovation sector of digital and new technology companies.


On the surface it looks to be moving well, at a practical level though there is a disconnect between the approach of government and the needs of the innovation sector. There is a lack of understanding within government, at both high and program delivery levels, of what businesses pushing boundaries really need.


The traditional government grant and advice structure places inherent restrictions on the way innovators can work. There’s an assumption that new companies, most often set up as start-up style organisations, need assistance to fit in to the market.


That is the fatal flaw within government innovation -  it fails to recognise that the way of doing business is part of the innovation, that it can be as important as the product itself. 


Andrew Snell, founder of multiple start-up companies and Principal of Coaster Group, says the way innovators and their companies are seen needs to be revamped.


“Innovation in Canberra is stuck between people trying to help make things look good now and people changing what things will look like tomorrow.


“Government is a second tier innovator, taking “new” tech and applying it rather than creating it. That means its understanding, commitment and risk profile will never allow it to support true innovation. For the ACT to become the innovation capital our government needs to recognise that and take a step to the side.


“There are plenty of organisations and individuals doing great things in Canberra, but at the moment we are losing too many of them interstate and overseas. The talent needs to be retained and to do that the sector needs to be listened to, not spoken to.


“We need to move away from the top-down handout style of support or the insulting amount the government pays for innovative services through initiatives like the Digital Canberra challenges. 


“Instead we should be building the innovation networks with the real ability to grow the sector, like Lighthouse Innovation.” Mr Snell said.


Grant funding models do provide valuable resources to start-up companies, however the concession model used in other innovation hot beds around the world can be more beneficial. Removing some of the barriers and administration costs for young businesses in their research and development phase can put them on a path to greater success.

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For further comment or interview please contact:

Andrew Snell - Coaster Group

m. 0407 913 353

e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Commercial Partnership Opportunities Available

Coaster Group is offering a limited number of commercial partnerships to help businesses take a giant leap forward.

The partnerships are focused on taking new ideas and making them happen in the immediate term, or reinventing existing ones to give business a fresh shot in the arm.
This limited offering is intended for those looking to really step up their focus on:
  • strategy - anything from your business strategy to a market strategy for an individual product
  • Product and Concept Development
  • Communications, PR and Marketing
  • Innovating the Impossible (for more about what this is take a look at this article written by Coaster founder Andrew Snell)
The key though is wanting to do something different.
Coaster Group partnerships are designed to bring a new focus to projects, an outside perspective that is integrated closely with the business and team and expands your knowledge base. It isn't a quick meeting or two and a plan with a few points to put into action, it is a goals based relationship driven by outcomes. We will set objectives which let you react and respond to the needs and opportunities which develop. 
Partnerships are financial - whether working on agreed rate, flat fees, incentive based or a form of share-agreement, we are motivated by helping your business. Your cash flow now isn't an issue, we'll work with you to find a solution which sees results and which won't put you under extra pressure.
Because of the limited number of opportunities we will be taking a split of "first come, first serve" and "best fit" approaches to fill the places. These partnerships present up to 50% off normal consulting rates - be quick before they fill up.
If you have a project with a product, service, or production, are looking for real change and are dedicated to achieving real results send us an email expressing your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on (02) 6262 4375.