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Bringing it in from the outside

Importing, outsourcing, crowd sourcing and focus groups have long been the bastions of organisations looking to ensure they are still in touch with their customers and at the pointy end of the market.

in many ways this is an excellent measure, and a responsible one, to help ensure the business remains relevant and (ultimately) profitable. I personally feel there is a risk faced by some organisations (and I think the "organisation" part is the key, not the "business" part) of forgetting what is important to them by relying on external influences rather than sticking to their guns.


Motivation or drive?

Goals have become the way we are taught to get ourselves motivated. They give us something to aim for, or at, and let us tell people how high we are setting the bar for ourselves.

The goals we set have, to some extent, become our motivation. The result of this for our goals is almost identical, but the way we work for these goals becomes different, and I don’t think it’s for the better.


Having the courage to start. And start again.

The passing of Steve Jobs will not change the world. The things he oversaw, achieved and imagined have though.

There are very few people each of us will ever meet who will have the vision and determination to do things which change life, or a part of it, the world over. There are even fewer people who will dedicate their life to doing so again and again. The inspiration for these few never dries up, the greed never takes over and, I think, they never feel satisfied with what they have achieved.