Having the courage to start. And start again.


When it comes to our work and business I think most of us have grand plans, plans to achieve or change something for the better. As we set out on our career or at a new job we do so with a goal to do more than we have before. With a unique set of experiences and skills we each see things we think we could improve. However, most of us never try.

To take the step of trusting yourself and your judgement can be a mighty challenge, and is one many people will shy away from. There is nothing wrong with having an idea and keeping it to yourself, if that is what you want to do. Those who have their idea and want it to be realised, to have other people know it and to think it or use it or live it, need to be encouraged to do so.

An idea may not have the ability to change the world, but it may be able to change lives, or even just one. Whatever it is, it should be given life, be shared, heard or made real. Not every idea can be revolutionary or bring great wealth, the purpose of it may be to inspire others to take it further. If we don’t share our ideas, if we don’t try to make them work, their potential impact will never be known.

The world we live in is driven by influence. Whether from a person or a thing, it is created, for the most part, by people. Some of us will lead, and some will follow, but quality ideas and innovation will shape the way we all move forward.

So, if you are someone who wants to change the world, in your own way - on however grand a scale, I encourage you take this moment as your motivation and inspiration, as I am. Dedicate yourself, or part of yourself, to pursuing what it is you are looking for. If you never try to change things, you will never know if it would have worked, nor the difference it could have made.

The world will remember Steve Jobs, as it has many before and will many after him, not so much for who he was, but for what he did for it. Not a single product or idea, but a commitment to innovation and challenging the known. If you are holding back on an idea have the courage to give it a try. If you know someone who has an idea, encourage and support them to realise it.

If it doesn’t work the first time? Try again. And again, but work harder.