Belief, conviction and purpose

I'm not going to pretend for a second the road to achieving the things you want will be an easy journey. The more you choose to take on yourself and do on your own, the more difficulty there will be. The payoff for all that is that when you do reach your goal the reward and satisfaction will be far greater. 

I'm lucky enough to know and be surrounded by many people making their own way. These people are a constant source of motivation and inspiration to me, and I am proud to call many of them friends. Something I've noticed lately is that each and every one of them faces other people in their life who get in the way of what they are trying to achieve.
It can be through lack of support, throwing obstacles in front of them, criticising or outright sabotage of their efforts. Whatever the case, people close to them in both personal and professional capacities are preventing them from achieving what they hope to and are capable of.
In some cases I've noticed fantastic momentum and achievements grind to a halt because of negative influences getting the person down. It can be really difficult to remain motivated and keep on top of everything required to make things happen, especially in the early days when there is a lot of juggling of responsibilities, other work and fairly limited financial capacity. To have people making that harder for you can do more than slow you down, it can verge on being heartbreaking.
Sitting on the side of the fence where I am in the process of building projects, the support of others is invaluable. I have learned that for some people it can be difficult to see the other side - for the most part we are raised with a very limited understanding of the working and business world. For someone who has gone into and begun succeeding in the traditional 9-5 environment the paradigm shift to the self driven, entrepreneurial style can be almost impossible to understand.
For those of us who are trying to build something for ourselves there are a few things we should keep in mind:
- know what you really want to achieve and the path you want to travel to get there
- the people in your life might be threatened, wary, critical and dismissive of what you think and what you want to achieve
- relationships and support are vital to being able to achieve what you're looking to
Personally, I have realised from my recent experience that the people in your life can make or break you. It can be a very hard thing to do,but when the people in your life now are holding you back, if you are truly dedicated to reaching your goal you may need to make the tough decision to reduce that person's influence, or remove them from your life altogether.
On the other hand, where you find people who think like you, understand what you're doing and want to help and support you - hold on to them as tightly as you can. Everyone needs support at some point, and the relationships you form with people who think like you and understand you might surprise you with how much you offer the other person too.
Everything you're doing is going to take tough decisions. If you can be strong enough to evaluate your relationships and change them when they need changing, you will be more supported and the chances of success will be much, much greater.