Our workshops are designed to develop specific capabilities within your business. They are intensive sessions, designed to focus on your individual or business' requirements, putting you in the position to get rolling straight away. Each workshop is a standalone session with a take-away collection of tools to coordinate in to your business following. Workshops complement each other, and build a consistent business system across multiple functions.

Workshops are designed for 2-8 people, prices for larger groups available on request.


Concept Development

Knowing you have to do something new is just the beginning. This workshop runs through the entire development process; from identifying a problem or opportunity, through the concept phases, to designing a viable, achievable solution.


This workshop teaches a different way of approaching development, aiming high and building a concept to the goal.


Participants will receive a series of tools in this workshop, developing solutions to specific needs of the business or organisation. This workshop in 3 half-day sessions that can be completed over any period.


Focus: Innovation, technology, internal development, market research, design

 1.5-Day Workshop


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Product Design

Building a product is difficult. Most of us don't have the luxury of getting it wrong.


This workshop focusses on turning a solution into a product - looking at everything from design and branding, to supply chain and support. A great product is all about efficiency, this 1-day will help you make your concepts in to great products, and manage them well.


This workshop is based on the Coaster Product Management approach and borrows from its systems and templates.


Focus: Product design, ranking needs and features, market research and identification, technology, processes, project structure and management, version mapping, product and project lifecycle

 1-Day Workshop


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Digital and Social Media Strategy

Making the most of your time and money online is vital. The best way to make sure you do is through a well planned, strategic approach.


This workshop looks at the different platforms online and how to choose what to use, and what to say on them. It is a hands on, real world look at how to make online work for you, in a business environment. 


Participants will work through messaging and content planners, leaving the session with the beginning of their online strategy.


Features: Market analysis, messaging strategy, campaign design, target markets, content creation

4 Hour Workshop



Messaging and strategy drafting:


Email, online & phone advice and support (2 weeks)


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Strategy for Innovation & Change

Innovation and change don't happen automatically. It isn't a matter of turning it on when it's needed either, it needs to be built in to your organisational culture to be most effective.


This workshop looks at how to strike the balance between making sure your organisation is working today and ready for what's coming next.


Participants will receive tools to help analyse current position, market and industry trends, and future potential.


The second part of the workshop focusses on how to design change to ensure the most efficient uptake and implementation.


Features: Business review, industry analysis, innovation, technology, communication, management

2 x 2 Hour Workshop


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  • Efficient management of complex projects

  • Live, flexible analysis of progress and tasks

  • Take deadlines as fixed, and use resources to ensure they're always met

  • Team based management, not just top down control


At Coaster Projects is about collaborative project management. Our specialty is existing projects in need fast, remedial services to restore timeframes and budgets to their targets.

We use our own, custom methods to analyse projects and set plans for their delivery. We have extensive experience managing and delivering projects across a variety of industries, from hardware, to live entertainment and major communication campaigns. We have experts in communication, construction, entertainment, information technology and policy areas. Projects are managed by dedicated teams, with administration and special tasks delivered by a shared resource pool - this is to let us deliver in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

Coaster Projects is also designed to be a companion or addition to other Coaster Group businesses and companies. We will use a series of specially developed tools to allow predictable and replicable outcomes, and deliver where others are unable to. 

If you've got a project you need to scope, are about to start, or is need of pointing back on track, send us a message, we can help. 




  • Engineering solutions for complex issues

  • Designed for critical moment apllications

  • Electrical, Automation, Mechanical

  • Temporary and permanent solutions

Coaster Engineering delivers custom, original and modification solutions for vehicle, mobile and temporary installation requirements. We design and produce electrical, automation, hydraulic and mechanical solutions. 

We focus on live entertainment and outside broadcast technology, roadshow and mobile exhibition vehicles and technology, pop-up facilities and motorsport and remote workshop support and technology.

The Coaster Group network has experience in mobile solutions and technology and access to industries and directly to potential clients. The initial focus will be on design and management of projects, with view to establishing facilities and factory solutions in the future.


We love a challenge - send us yours.

Policy  Change


  • Organisation and business change and restructure

  • Policy and Culture review

  • Specialist advice and mentoring

  • Outcomes and process - Constitutions, documentation and communication

  • Big or small projects, any sector

Times change, and so should organisations. Coaster Policy and Change is a consulting and advice function serving organisational restructure and policy development.


We draw on the experience of communication, organisation, policy and legal experts to help you create effective, lasting and seamless changes. We work as a life-of-project service, designed to assist with conception, planning and implementation. Policy and Change links closely to other Coaster Group business units to help deliver the most effective results before, during and after the process - we see change and culture as living parts of any organisation or business, which means we never see them as "finished".


Whether you need to know where to go, what to look at, or how to get there, send us a message, we can help. 


Rollercoaster Digital

Rollercoaster Digital -

Rollercoaster Digital is a start-up bringing people, places and technology together, to make life easier, everyday. Using existing and upcoming technology in new and innovative ways, the team creates reliable, robust software and hardware products. 

For two years, co-founders Andrew Snell (Coaster Group Pty Ltd) and Chris Shackleton have worked with national and international partners to search out problems waiting for a new solution, from managing social media interactions to introducing location sensitive advertising.

The company’s current efforts are focused on EventSTAK, an event management platform that takes away the hassle of planning events. EventSTAK lowers expenses and automates the process of changing and updating schedules and companion apps, improving productivity and ensuring a seamless experience for organisers and attendees.

The strength of the Rollercoaster Digital approach is the flexibility and agility of the team. In addition to its own products, the company develops solutions for partners and clients under the banner.  


Debtkkr - launching soon

debt kkrdebtkkr is a crowdfunding site about helping people take a chance. Supporting campaigns will give the people running them the footing they need to start something big. People dig into their pockets all the time – sometimes it’s to help, others it’s for a cup of coffee or a drink. It happens for every day, real life things all the time.

That’s the point of debtkkr. The campaigns are from real people, living real lives, with something holding them back from being all they can be and taking them to the world. debtkkr don’t make the story – that’s up to them, and whether you think they deserve the cash is up to you.

debtkkr isn’t about people doing the same thing again, it’s about the next chapter – new, innovative and different. It is the chance to give someone the help to be a leader. It believes the people behind campaigns here could do it without debtkkr’s help – eventually. But why wait! A lot of people giving a small backing to a wide range of projects will change the world a lot faster than waiting for it to happen alone.

Fundraisers make their campaign, set their target and ask for something – they can be donations or there can be a reward. It isn’t about getting half funded in one go, more about a group of people all saying “hey, I like what you’re about - I’ll shout you a drink”.


Around the Corner Media - launching soon

AtCAround the Corner Media is a modern media outlet – about bringing the state of play from the front line. With news and articles from the next generation of changers and the ones not afraid to rock the boat, AtC is all about showing what’s coming next.

AtC Media is focussed on young professionals and leaders, showing years of experience isn’t everything and sometimes the best way forward is the road less travelled. It looks for stories and content from far and wide, as well as close to home. From business, personal branding and education, right through to next gen and community, stories cover what young, driven individuals want to know.

AtC will launch its web site in late 2015, with audio and video interviews and panel discussions to follow in 2016.


Co-Up - launching 2016

Co-UpThe Co-Up Accelerator will be a wholly owned subsidiary company of Coaster Group. It is designed to be a different kind of program for new businesses, focussed on growing as an entity, rather than getting to market and selling a product.

The Co-Up program will give new businesses access to resources throughout Coaster Group, business units and companies, they would not normally be able to afford or gain access to.

The Co-Up mentality is built on the belief that a great business is built on a good team with a good idea, not minimum viable product - route to market is important, but sustainable businesses also need strong foundations and the ability to weather challenges.

Co-Up is also about linking young business with each other to support  their own growth, as such a strong network and online community will be part of Co-Up membership.


ANTA - Seeking Partners

ANTAThe Associated National Theatre Awards is an overarching business uniting the local theatrical awards present across Australia. It is a membership and education organisation built on boosting participation, growing education and providing national recognition for excellence in the arts.