• Efficient management of complex projects

  • Live, flexible analysis of progress and tasks

  • Take deadlines as fixed, and use resources to ensure they're always met

  • Team based management, not just top down control


At Coaster Projects is about collaborative project management. Our specialty is existing projects in need fast, remedial services to restore timeframes and budgets to their targets.

We use our own, custom methods to analyse projects and set plans for their delivery. We have extensive experience managing and delivering projects across a variety of industries, from hardware, to live entertainment and major communication campaigns. We have experts in communication, construction, entertainment, information technology and policy areas. Projects are managed by dedicated teams, with administration and special tasks delivered by a shared resource pool - this is to let us deliver in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

Coaster Projects is also designed to be a companion or addition to other Coaster Group businesses and companies. We will use a series of specially developed tools to allow predictable and replicable outcomes, and deliver where others are unable to. 

If you've got a project you need to scope, are about to start, or is need of pointing back on track, send us a message, we can help. 


Policy  Change


  • Organisation and business change and restructure

  • Policy and Culture review

  • Specialist advice and mentoring

  • Outcomes and process - Constitutions, documentation and communication

  • Big or small projects, any sector

Times change, and so should organisations. Coaster Policy and Change is a consulting and advice function serving organisational restructure and policy development.


We draw on the experience of communication, organisation, policy and legal experts to help you create effective, lasting and seamless changes. We work as a life-of-project service, designed to assist with conception, planning and implementation. Policy and Change links closely to other Coaster Group business units to help deliver the most effective results before, during and after the process - we see change and culture as living parts of any organisation or business, which means we never see them as "finished".


Whether you need to know where to go, what to look at, or how to get there, send us a message, we can help. 


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Rollercoaster Digital

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Around the corner

Around the Corner


The Pomona Project 




  • Engineering solutions for complex issues

  • Designed for critical moment apllications

  • Electrical, Automation, Mechanical

  • Temporary and permanent solutions

Coaster Engineering delivers custom, original and modification solutions for vehicle, mobile and temporary installation requirements. We design and produce electrical, automation, hydraulic and mechanical solutions. 

We focus on live entertainment and outside broadcast technology, roadshow and mobile exhibition vehicles and technology, pop-up facilities and motorsport and remote workshop support and technology.

The Coaster Group network has experience in mobile solutions and technology and access to industries and directly to potential clients. The initial focus will be on design and management of projects, with view to establishing facilities and factory solutions in the future.


We love a challenge - send us yours.

The online revolution has made selling to the public more accessible than ever. In the last few years e-commerce has taken huge leaps forward, making it realtively quick and easy to set up to trade online - provided you can navigate the jungle you'll pass through on the way to your first sale.

Create Sell Grow is a program to help budding businesses take their product idea and turn it into a profitable online business. Getting set up online can be quick and fairly pain free, but just existing online won't bring sales success - like any business there needs to be a clear goal and a strategy to reach it.

Create Sell Grow draws on the same approach used throughout Coaster Concepts planning and strategic programs and by Coaster Group in it's own projects and ventures, but stripped back to the core steps to get trading as soon as possible.

Click on the the areas below to see how Create Sell Grow can be your perfect partner to your online trade.




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