Take the Market

People have great ideas all the time. A lot of those ideas have great business potential, but get stuck at the hurdles that come along the way.

Turning an idea into a great product or service which people will buy is a much an art as a science. It is about making it desirable as well as functional. Take the Market is a service which brings targeted knowledge and experience to turn concepts into real, marketable products and services.

There are stages to creating something new. The idea or concept itself is the vital first stage - it's with it that the problem identified is solved. The next stages can happen at the same time, and can influence each other as they develop. Commercialising an idea is taking the concept and creating from it something which can be sold. This is about wrapping the solution in something which consumers will pay for. 

Market design is identifying, in some cases making or defining, a group of people to sell to. The Coaster Concept focus takes this first step, the target market, and looks at returning that to the commercialisation process.

The Coaster Concepts Take the Market approach is unique as it reflects the model Coaster Group uses to create and form it's own projects. This hands on approach, and the broad industry links formed through it, gives the people we work with through Take the Market the same "thing" we use ourselves when we create something ourselves.

For each idea we see we take it and break it down to its core, then rebuild it in a way which we think it could work. Sometimes this takes time, others we can see a path straight away. The key to our method is to focus on the specific idea and its environment, not to apply a common template or structured approach. This gives us the ability to keep your vision unique, where others might make it generic to fit an exisitng paradigm.

We love innovation and seeing new things happening. If we see something we think can help we jump on it. We look partner with people with ideas all the time, as well as working on a fee for service basis.

Whatever situation you're in, we want to work with you to make your idea come for life, so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to find out how we can work together!