Concepts sml


  • Conception & development of business & creative ideas

  • Strategic development for new businesses & existing organisations

  • Incorporating of ideas into organisational culture

  • Product, concept and business development partnerships


Coaster Concepts gives ideas the structure they need to make them successful. From working out the market for a concept, what a product needs in that market, where it should be sold and the future it might have. We are focussed on how an idea can be made into a viable business and product; and how a visions can be turned into reality. 


We use a unique set of tools and processes, developed by Coaster Group, to identify the individual features of a concept and prepare a unique approach to it. Everything we see we look at as a new opportunity, there are no cookie cutter or "standard programs" at Coaster Concepts. The one thing we bring to everything we do is an open mind. Whatever your situation, we will work with you and your team to bring just the right amount of reality to what you are doing to make it happen, with just the right amount of thinking outside the square to make sure it’s different.


We love new ideas and we love sharing them with people. If you have a great idea and want to make it happen drop us a line. 


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