Policy  Change


  • Organisation and business change and restructure

  • Policy and Culture review

  • Specialist advice and mentoring

  • Outcomes and process - Constitutions, documentation and communication

  • Big or small projects, any sector

Times change, and so should organisations. Coaster Policy and Change is a consulting and advice function serving organisational restructure and policy development.


We draw on the experience of communication, organisation, policy and legal experts to help you create effective, lasting and seamless changes. We work as a life-of-project service, designed to assist with conception, planning and implementation. Policy and Change links closely to other Coaster Group business units to help deliver the most effective results before, during and after the process - we see change and culture as living parts of any organisation or business, which means we never see them as "finished".


Whether you need to know where to go, what to look at, or how to get there, send us a message, we can help.