Product Management


  • Holistic, honest view of your product and how it is performing

  • Focussed on delivering positive outcomes, not just reports

  • Pinpoint the best performing activities and most efficient places to invest

  • We look at everything - design, manufacturing, supply chain, sales strategy, staff & culture, and market environment

  • Communications, Marketing, Digital Engagement and relationship strategy and management for immediate results and ongoing performance


Coaster Product Management is about giving your product, business and brand the edge. We work on the front line to keep driving sales and reducing costs.


We use scorecards to measure growth, margins and markets - but we go deeper than the raw numbers, looking at environmental factors, cultural and social drivers and sentiment towards your brand, product and segment. It's what gives our own products and ventures their unique position, and it's how we create it for you too.


Coaster Product Management is a natural evolution of the Coaster Concepts mindset. It is the ongoing application how we approach new ideas, and where we look at the situation now, to get it ready for the future.


Whether you're wanting to set off right, see where you are or get on track for the future, send us a message, we can help.