• Efficient management of complex projects

  • Live, flexible analysis of progress and tasks

  • Take deadlines as fixed, and use resources to ensure they're always met

  • Team based management, not just top down control


At Coaster Projects is about collaborative project management. Our specialty is existing projects in need fast, remedial services to restore timeframes and budgets to their targets.

We use our own, custom methods to analyse projects and set plans for their delivery. We have extensive experience managing and delivering projects across a variety of industries, from hardware, to live entertainment and major communication campaigns. We have experts in communication, construction, entertainment, information technology and policy areas. Projects are managed by dedicated teams, with administration and special tasks delivered by a shared resource pool - this is to let us deliver in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

Coaster Projects is also designed to be a companion or addition to other Coaster Group businesses and companies. We will use a series of specially developed tools to allow predictable and replicable outcomes, and deliver where others are unable to. 

If you've got a project you need to scope, are about to start, or is need of pointing back on track, send us a message, we can help.